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Homegrounds Return and Refund Policy

This Homegrounds Return and Refund Policy is universally applicable to product purchases made through the Homegrounds platform (Homegrounds website available at or Homegrounds mobile applications) except otherwise specified.

1. All products purchased on Homegrounds website shall be returnable if such products are damaged in transit provided that the Buyer raises a complaint in this regard within 2 (two) days of delivery. All complaints should be communicated to Homegrounds, along with photographic or videographic evidence if any. In such a case, Homegrounds shall co-ordinate with the Seller to process a return and refund which shall take up to fifteen (15) working days. If the products are not in a fit state to be packaged and returned, Homegrounds may in consultation with the Seller process the return and refund without claiming the damaged products back from the Buyer.

2. The Buyer in the above cases may also opt for replacement of the damaged products which will be delivered free of cost to the Buyer provided their availability. The replacement delivery will be subject to ordinary delivery timelines specified by the Seller. In case, the Buyer opts for replacement and the products are not available, Homegrounds in consultation with the Seller process the refund as the default solution.

3. The Buyer may also opt for cancellation of order and refund if the delivery of the products is unduly delayed; i.e. it has not reached the Buyer even after five (5) days of the estimated delivery date. In such a case, Homegrounds shall co-ordinate with the Seller to process a return and refund which may take anywhere between 7-15 working days.

4. Homegrounds reserves the right not to process refunds in case the delivery address mentioned by the Buyer is incorrect or if delivery cannot be given due to Buyer unavailability even after 2 (two) delivery attempts by the logistics partners.

5. All products which were delivered in product condition and were fit for use but got damaged later on will not be eligible for return.

6. This Return and Refund Policy is not applicable to products whose performance is not up to the satisfaction of the Buyers. In such cases, if the products are accompanied by a warranty, the return, replacement and refunds if any shall be governed by such warranty.

7. Homegrounds may process returns for products which do not meet quality standards as advertised subject to confirmation of the Seller and for such cases, return, replacement and refunds will depend on individual Sellers and their respective return and refund policies. Homegrounds shall not be responsible to the Buyer in such cases and Buyers are advised to carefully read the Seller return and refund conditions before making any purchases.